Swedish Blend – Enjoy soothing strokes that melt away tired muscles, reduce stress, improve circulation and tone muscle.

30 minute $50 / $60
60 minute $80 / $90
90 minute $110 / $120

Deeper Kneads – Both therapeutic and corrective, this massage is a remedy for achy or injured muscles. Our sports massage integrates Swedish, deep-tissue and neuromuscular therapy. Slow strokes and deep compression combine to release chronic patterns of tension, ease pain, release toxins and enhance performance.

30 minute $55 / $65
60 minute $90 / $100
90 minute $125 / $135

Hot Stone – Massage techniques combined with special stones are used in this therapeutic bodywork activating the body’s natural healing mechanisms and encouraging relaxation. Small warm stones are strategically placed along your body influencing the body’s energy centers and larger oiled stones glide over your body, massaging away every care.

60 minute $95 / $105
90 minute $150 / $160

Selah Mommy *Must be at least in 2nd or 3rd Trimester*

Pamper the Mom to Be with a soothing, relaxing massage designed to help with the muscular discomforts associated with pregnancy.  Pillows are strategically placed to provide comfort and support.

60 min $80/$90